Kumain ka na ba?

 This is probably one of the top ten greetings Filipinos, like us, would say. It translates to “Have you eaten yet?” and shows both how hospitable we are and how much food is in the center of our lives.

My wife and I like food tripping and started posting Facebook updates in 2010 showing photos of us inside restaurants in Manila where we have eaten. On October 2012, we decided to add reviews to our posts. Then on January 2013, as recommended by our friends, we included images of the food that we were eating.

Sometime in the latter part of 2013, some of our friends suggested that we start a blog , so here we are! Please join us in our journey into food tripping! And without further ado, Kumain ka na ba?


29 thoughts on “About

  1. Carolina says:

    So nice, I would say Portugal gives a lot of protagonism to food as well, and how great is that! I mean who doesn’t love food! Hehe so interesting that greeting of yours! 🙂 and as for me I will be very pleased to join you in your wonderful food journey and get to know more about Filipino food! 🙂 best wishes, Carolina

    • rey & lyn says:

      Eating out has become a hobby of ours and though my weight has been increasing steadily, I’m not really complaining. hehehe.

      Thank you very much for the compliment!. I consider it an honor coming from you and I really like the name of your blog!

    • rey & lyn says:

      It’s really fun when a couple finds a common interest and in our case, we really like to try out different restaurants to keep the fire burning. Hehehe.

  2. HotDish says:

    You guys have the cutest profile pic ever. 🙂 I love the concept of your blog, and enjoyed very much reading about how it got started. I’ve never been to Manila and am very intrigued to read more!

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