Sunrise Buckets (Unit 1 Madison Square, Madison St, Greenhills, San Juan)

PhotoGrid_1373818729493Date visited: July 2013

What we ordered:

Black Peppered Chicken Wings (Wipeout)


Taste = 5/5

–          This place serves our favourite chicken wings! Who wouldn’t love those very deliciously-spiced, very tender, and juicy chicken wings served with a sour-cream-based dip? We’ve tried several of their flavours already but the taste of liquid butter combined with the salty, sweet and very peppery coating on the crispy chicken skin always discourages us to try other flavours. Combined with rice on every bite … heaven!


Service = 4.5/5

–          It was a semi self-service restaurant but when asked, the waitresses granted our requests. Most of the time, they were friendly and attentive.


Ambience = 4.5/5

–          We have been to this particular branch several times already and they continuously improve their dining area. Large surfboards, various pictures, a message board and a relaxed vibe are probably what give this place its unique appeal.


Value for money = 4.5/5

–          Their prices are probably the highest for chicken wings but we think that the high quality and taste of their wings makes them worth every peso.

Click here for their website.


Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings (Ground Floor, City Golf Plaza, Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City)

Frankie's New York Buffalo WingsDate visited: May 2013

What we ate:

Wings World (Chicken wings in three flavours: Garlic Parmesan, Nagoya Tebasaki and Smokey BBQ), Frankie’s Hamburger, Buffalo Chicken Burger, Spaghetti Bolognese and Nachos

Taste = 4/5

–          The chicken wings tasted good. Both Lyn and I liked the Nagoya Tebasaki flavour the most. It was on the sweet side with a nice taste of sesame seeds. I think the rest liked the Smokey BBQ more because it was the flavour that was finished first. It was tangy but was also sweet – perfect for the Pinoy taste. The Garlic Parmesan was a little off. I couldn’t figure out if there was too much garlic or parmesan or something else. The Buffalo Chicken Burger was very spicy but was good. The spaghetti didn’t taste nice to me. Maybe other people would like it but I was looking for a beefy tomato taste but couldn’t find it even if there was a lot of meat in it. The nachos were ok.

Service =3.5/5

–          The servers were not very attentive and some of the food took too long to serve.

Ambience = 3.5/5

–          The place was good for friends who wanted to eat reasonably-priced chicken wings. The dining area looked clean and well-maintained. Unfortunately, there were some teens making too much noise while playing foosball at the time we were there.

Value for money = 4/5

–          The price of the chicken wings was very reasonable. It’s one of the few places that gives you good value for good wings.

Click here for their Facebook page.

Per-Peri Grill House (G/F Greenhills Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan)

Peri-Peri Grill HouseDate visited: May 2013

What we ordered:

½ Peri-Peri Chicken with Coleslaw, Java Rice, Warm Tortilla and French Fries


Taste = 4.5/5

–          There was an option on the flavour of the chicken: lemon garlic, mild spicy or spicy. We chose lemon garlic and mild spicy. The chicken tasted great, it was tender and cooked right. The problem was that the flavour was only on chicken-skin deep. We couldn’t really tell the difference when we were eating the meat already. The sides were good and when we combined the tortilla, java rice, chicken meat and coleslaw, the resulting taste exceeded the sum of its parts! Just add their custom hot sauce to taste.


Service = 4/5

–          The service we received was good. The waiters were usually attentive enough to notice our gestures.


Ambience = 4.5/5

–          The dining area was a little tight but manoeuvring was manageable. The place was well-lit and clean. If you like eavesdropping on other conversations, you could do it here.


Value for money = 4/5

–          The prices were a little bit high but they serve really tasty food. Considering the area, their prices are at mid-range.

Bacolod Chicken Parilla (4 Scout Reyes cor Scout Gandia Laging Handa, Quezon City)

Bacolod Chicken ParillaDate visited: March 2013

What we ordered:

Paa and Pecho with Garlic rice, Kansi


Taste = 3.5/5

–          There are several good reviews about this restaurant; one of them even says it is better than JT’s. Having tasted their version of chicken inasal, we were a bit disappointed that it tasted too “ordinary.” It was also on the dry side, especially the breast part and the size was visibly smaller than JT’s. The saving grace was the bottomless chicken oil. Lyn described the kansi as bitter nilagang baka.


Service = 4/5

–          The servers gave good service and were attentive enough. We could see that they treated their regular customers very well.


Ambience = 4/5

–          The place has an air-conditioned and an al fresco area. The advantage of the air-conditioned area is the nice temperature and better-looking dining area. Unfortunately, it was too noisy. The al fresco area feels more relaxed but the smoke from the grill might get to you.


Value for money = 4/5

–          If you consider their serving sizes, the prices are acceptable. We just wish they could improve on the quality and sizes of their dishes including the rice.


JT’s Manukan (4 Granada St. corner Valencia St., Ortigas Avenue Extension, Quezon City)

JT's ManukanDate visited: February 2013

What we ordered:

Paa and Pecho with Garlic rice

Taste = 5/5

–          Arguably one of the best, if not, the best-tasting chicken barbeque in Metro Manila. I haven’t been to Bacolod so I don’t know what a real ‘inasal’ tastes like but JT’s makes very tasty chicken barbeques. The chicken meat was very tender and the distinctive taste reached the innermost parts right down to the bone! When paired with their garlic rice with chicken oil, forget about it! We also liked being able to mix our own dipping sauces because I wanted a little more vinegar to my soy-sauce-and-kalamasi mix than Lyn.

Service = 4/5

–          Service here is pretty variable depending on the amount of customers. But you would usually get good service with a little bit of badgering.

Ambience = 4/5

–          The place is pretty basic: the seats are wooden with no cushions; there is no air conditioning; the table arrangement is crowded; the wall has old movie posters that were not properly maintained and the place looks and feels old. But I still like eating there anytime.

Value for money = 5/5

–          The prices are very reasonable considering the delightfulness and quality of the food. Yes, some items are a bit pricey considering the small portions but the chicken is really, really worth the price.