Special Review (Delivery): Sergeant Alimango

Address: Undeclared  

Date bought: August 2019

The Taste


The good: The garlic butter sauce was really, really good. They nailed the taste. There was a good balance of garlic and butter flavors plus there was even a small container of sauce in case the sauce in the tub was not enough. The shrimp meat was so juicy and tender: the texture was like steamed suahe from an upscale Chinese live seafood restaurant. Sucking the shrimp heads gave an amazing burst of flavor.

The bad: The crab meat was mushy. It appears that they use frozen crabs instead of live crabs.

The Service


The delivery service was good as they delivered at the agreed time and the food was warm when it arrived.

The Place


We bought this for delivery so we can’t really review their place.

The Value for Money


The Garlic Butter Junior King Crabs and Shrimps tub was P1499. Although the taste was really good, the quality of the crab meat was not there. Good thing the shrimps were really good.

Pro Tip: Mix the sauce with your rice. Don’t forget to take your hypertension and cholesterol medications. Also, as of this writing, you can only order through Facebook messenger (DM).


Click here for their Facebook page.

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