A Taste of LA (171 Roces Ave Laging Handa, Quezon City)

Date visited: September 2013

What we ordered:

Pritchon Pugon and Barbecued Tuna Belly

Taste = 4/5

–          Pritchon is a combination of the words Prito (fried) and Lechon (suckling pig) while Pugon means wood-fire baked. What is usually done to Pritchon is they deep fry a whole suckling pig, cut it into bite-sized pieces then wrap in pita wedges. What I think they did here is they baked pork parts then served in into pita wedges. Why they even bothered to put the word Prtichon there is a mystery to me. Anyway, the pork meat was tender and succulent while the square bits of crispy pork skin were salty and very good. It had some veggies in it and the sauce tasted like Peking duck sauce. Everything complimented everything. The downside was the very small serving size. The Tuna Belly was ok and the sauce was thick and was salty and sweet. I detected a faint fishy aftertaste with the tuna which somewhat ruined it for me. Lyn said it was ok for her. The serving size was much better for this dish.

Service = 2/5

–          There were two to three servers in our area that were responsible for six tables. Only 4 tables were occupied at the time we arrived so we assumed we would get great service. Well, I was close to screaming at the two servers just to get their attention for our initial orders. Too bad for me, I was too hungry and too weak to transfer to a different restaurant. To add more insult to injury, the food was served at different times and took too long to cook. One time we wanted water, we made contact with one of the servers and he nodded and smiled but we got our water after 14min. It really made me feel bad when I saw that there was a service charge on our bill. I would’ve wanted to rate them lower but I’m reserving lower scores for explicitly rude service.

Ambience = 4.5/5

–          The restaurant has about 4 areas: a bar/lounge, a smoking area and two non-smoking dining areas. We were seated in the smaller non-smoking dining area and the mood was intimate. The lights were dim, the room was quiet and customers could cuddle in some of the seats.

Value for money = 2.5/5

–          This restaurant has been a landmark in the Tomas Morato area for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if we just caught them on their bad day but they have to improve on two things ASAP: serving size and service. But I’m not really keen on checking if they have improved in the future.

I couldn’t find a website or Facebook page for this restaurant, Sorry.


The Chocolate Kiss Cafe (91 A Roces Avenue, Quezon City)

PhotoGrid_1369326310112Date visited: May 2013

What we ate:

Chicken Quesadilla, Shrimp Pasta Aligue, Beef Lasagne, Parmesan Crusted Fish and Hickory Smoked Spareribs


Taste = 4/5

–          The quesadilla was awesome. The cheese was melted really nicely and went well with the chicken and veggies that were inside. It came with a creamy sauce and salsa that had cilantro, Lyn’s favourite ingredient, and the whole dish was nicely done. The shrimp pasta aligue was heavy on the aligue and cream but it tasted good and there were a lot of shrimps. I think only a real aligue-lover can finish the whole dish. The beef lasagna was really beefy and the pasta was cooked well but it wasn’t on the sweet side. Lyn had the Parmesan Crusted Fish and she said that it tasted like tilapia but it was not fresh. I tasted it and agreed. It had an accompanying white sauce which we couldn’t figure out if it was soup or sauce. It was too heavy to be soup but too bland to be sauce. The spareribs were good although I’m a bit sceptical on whether they really smoked it using hickory wood logs or chips. Nevertheless, the meat was very tender and had a generous amount of barbecue sauce. The corn kernels on the side were a nice touch. We also tried their iced tea and it came with a sweetener in a glass carafe. I’m not sure if it’s honey but it really went well with their iced tea. I really liked the idea of having control on how my drink tastes.


Service = 4.5/5

–          The servers were attentive and they provided good service. The food didn’t take too long to serve even though some dishes arrived later than others.


Ambience = 4/5

–          There were a lot of paintings on the wall about Filipino idioms and gave the diners something interesting to look at and probably break the ice for those who are on dates. The dining area was clean and well-maintained but unfortunately, the restroom was located outside the restaurant.


Value for money = 4/5

–          The prices were good on some of the dishes but not on others. To illustrate, the Hickory Smoked Spareribs was less expensive than the Parmesan Crusted Fish.

Click here for their website.