Restaurant Review: Niu by Vikings

Address: Fifth Floor, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City     

Date visited: March 2019

The Taste


For starters, we tried all the appetizers with caviar in it: champagne squares, chocolate caviar, lemon pasta caviar and salmon. We also tried all their cheese that day: cheddar, edam, gouda and brie. To balance out the plate, we tried their lavosh with spicy mushroom, garlic and tomato confit. We also had tuna and salmon sashimi plus tamago.

The pasta we tried was their seafood marinara. For seafood, we tried their steamed suahe (steamed shrimp). Our meat plate consisted of angus beef belly, angus chuck eye, leg of lamb and lechon roll. For dessert (not in the IG posts), we had crème brûlée, fruit slices, chocolate mousse and a chocolate crêpe.

Outside of a hotel, Niu by Vikings is probably the best buffet in Manila. All of the food we sampled tasted good. It helped that we came close to their opening time since everything tasted freshly prepared and cooked. The best food item we tasted was the lechon roll: the skin was crunchy and the meat was juicy and tender (not dried out).

The Service


They offer premium service even though it is a buffet. You can ask servers to get food for you and you may ask the staff to have something cooked fresh, including some dishes which are on a sort-of secret menu.

The servers were very attentive and helpful. They cleaned out tables for used plates and glasses frequently and consistently. Our only issue was that some food items were replenished really slowly.

The Place


You know that you are in a premium restaurant when there is a grand piano in the dining area. Niu by Vikings definitely is a premium buffet restaurant: the decor, design, cutlery, furnishings, color scheme and even their staff uniforms gave the feeling of “an evolved buffet dining experience” (this is their tagline, by the way).

The Podium branch has a floor area shaped like an ‘L’. They were able to maximize the space and the spacing between tables were mostly wide. There were also some areas which were enclosed for either small or large groups (subject to reservations).

Their restroom looks classy but it was located on the furthest end of the restaurant and was not big enough in relation to the size of their restaurant.

The Value for Money


Their rates for adults are: weekday lunch = P938; weekday dinner = P1,438; weekends/holiday lunch & dinner = P1,438. Why the huge difference between weekday lunch versus other times? Well, they have special food items available only during weekday dinner and weekends/holidays such as: rib-eye, crabs, lobster, foie gras, manchego, uni and others.

On the positive side, their rates include drinks: fruit shakes, fruit juices, infused teas, coffee, house wine and beer such as San Miguel draft, Heineken, Tiger, Chang, etc.

Pro Tip: Eat a very light expensive appetizer first, then eat the most expensive dishes for your second plate. For your next plates, you can eat anything else but always leave room for dessert. Also, always come close to opening times for the freshest dish experience.


Click here for their website. Below is its Zomato Spoonback:

NIU by Vikings Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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