Restaurant Review: Gumbo

Address: Third Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City    

Date visited: March 2019

The Taste


Their seafood jambalaya tasted good but the texture of the seafood meat seemed overcooked. The mussels were dry, the shrimp too firm and the calamari were a little rubbery but the saving grace was really the taste of the dish. It was spicy, the seasoning was really balanced and the rice was cooked nicely.

The Service


We have eaten at this branch several times already and we mostly had good service. The servers were welcoming and accommodating.

On some occasions, their cooking times were a little too long, but not on this particular visit.

The Place


The dining area was clean, the spacing between tables was optimal with no tight spaces, the seats were comfortable and, window seats were available.

What they need to improve on is the feeling that the interiors are dated. Also, they need to improve on their lighting as it looks dim, especially at night, which, does not help with the dated interiors.

The Value for Money


The seafood jambalaya was P475 (petite) and it could satisfy 2 persons but it is possible for one very hungry person to finish this alone.

So why a relatively high rating for the value for money? They often have deals and promos which either give large discounts on meals or, give free dishes.

Pro Tip: Serving sizes are large so be sure to consider this when ordering. Also, watch out for really good deals/promos.


Click here for their Facebook page. Below is its Zomato Spoonback:

Gumbo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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