Restaurant Review: Menya Noodle & Bento Bar

Address: Food Court, Ground Floor, Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Centre, Greenhills, San Juan City   

Date visited: January 2019

The Taste


The soup broth tasted rich. It had a deep pork flavor in it and the black garlic oil plus garlic chips really went well with the ramen and delicate tasty pork slices. The noodles were firm, although we prefer ramen noodles to be on the very firm side, the were good and had a premium texture to them.

If you love garlic, you will surely like this noodle dish.

The Service


At the time of this writing, the restaurant is located in the food court area of Greenhills Promenade. We have eaten there a couple of times already. During the first time, we came close to their closing time and a lot of food items, including some ramen, were not available. On our second visit, the staff looked like they were not familiar with their common dishes, they mixed up the orders, had trouble with operating their devices, etc. At least the waiting times were not long and food was consistently good.

The Place


As already mentioned, the restaurant is located in a food court. They have a small space of their own with a bar and a couple of tables, and outside of that, there are tables where all diners in the food court share. There are times when tables are not cleaned in a timely manner but, this is true for all food courts.

The Value for Money


The price of the black garlic tonkotsu ramen was P290, which is very reasonable considering the serving size and the quality of the ramen. Good price for a filling and tasty dish – that’s why we eat here again and again.

Pro Tip: Try to avoid coming here within an hour from their closing time (9:00 PM) as some flavors and food items tend to be sold out towards the end of the day.


Click here for their Facebook page. Below is its Zomato Spoonback:

Menya Noodle & Bento Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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