Gaucho Cocina y Vinos Argentinos (3rd Floor Al Fresco, The Park at Robinsons Magnolia)

Date visited: September 2013

What we ordered:

Fuguazetta (Spinach and Italian Prosciutto Argentinean thin crust Pizza) and Falda a la Cruz (Slow Roasted US Beef Shortplate)


Taste = 4.5/5

–          The Fuguazetta was a very nice appetizer. It was thin crust pizza made with chickpea flour and provolone. We chose prosciutto and spinach as toppings and the result was a good pizza. The spinach was on the sweet and chewy side while the provolone cheese was a fresh taste from the usual mozzarella. The taste of the prosciutto was not really detectable probably because they only placed one strip per slice but it was still a good pizza. The serving of the US Beef was outrageous. We weren’t able to finish half of the deliciously-seasoned beef. The beef was so tender and had a delicious dry rub on it. Plus, the fat gave the beef slices a lot of juiciness. The dish came with Chimichurri sauce which tasted like parsley with avocado which went really well with the meat. The organic pickles included: shallots, which were sweet; chopped eggplants which were sour; and zucchinis, which were mildly sweet and sour. All of the sides went surprisingly well with the beef.


Service = 4.5/5

–          When we got there, it was really late in the night and all of the staff’s attention was on us. We had great service at first but when some of the employees went home already, the remaining servers were focused on housekeeping duties. But we still received good service overall.


Ambience = 5/5

–          There was a fine dining atmosphere from the outside to the dining area. The look and feel of the dining area was refined even if there was a roasting/fire pit near the middle of the floor.  The atmosphere was romantic but relaxing but I’m sure it would have been a lot different if we came during their Milonga (tango) nights.


Value for money = 4.5/5

–          If we knew how big the serving was for the Beef Shortplate dish, we wouldn’t have ordered an appetizer. Ordering that dish alone would have been more than enough for us since it was served with unlimited garlic rice. The only thing that put us off a little was that while our Fuguazetta was almost as expensive as the main dish, they were worlds apart in terms of serving size.

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3 thoughts on “Gaucho Cocina y Vinos Argentinos (3rd Floor Al Fresco, The Park at Robinsons Magnolia)

  1. Liz says:

    You should have taken a “doggy bag” or maybe you should have just mailed me some of that beef. It sounds like an excellent place to eat in. I love good ambience. I don’t care for good food in a shabby space. Have a nice weekend!

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