New Orleans Bourbon Street Ribs, Steaks and Oysters (Upper Ground Level, Robinsons Magnolia)

Date visited: September 2013 (The update is at the end of this review)

What we ordered:

Oyster Rockefeller, Paul Prudhomme’s Seafood Marinara and Kansas City Ribs

Taste = 4.5/5

–          We were looking for a restaurant that was open late in Sta. Mesa area and we thought of going to Robinsons Magnolia. We were lucky that this restaurant was open until 12mn and even had a live band that day. The waiter said we should try their ribs and oysters and good thing we listened to him. The oysters were excellent. It actually tasted more like pizza and the oyster taste was not strong at all, which was perfect for us. The bacon, cheesy crust, barely bitter spinach and the fresh-tasting oysters blended so well with each other. We knew that this restaurant wasn’t known for their pasta but the sauce of the Seafood Marinara was excellent. It had the right amount of sourness and sweetness that really complimented the mixed seafood and the linguini. However, the squid was a little overcooked and some of the other seafood tasted a little too fishy. Their specialty was the Kansas City Ribs. The taste was delicious and the serving was large. The “dirty” rice that was served with the ribs reminded me of good shawarma rice and was really good. Though the ribs were not really fall-off-the-bone tender, the meat had a very nice sweet and a little bitter barbeque flavour to it that made eating it really pleasurable.

Service = 5/5

–          We were practically the only customers when we went there so we got great service. Even when 4 more customers arrived, the level of service did not change.

Ambience = 5/5

–          Since we were practically alone when we arrived and they had a live band, we felt as if it was a very special private date night. We really liked the songs they were playing and it made us enjoy staying in their restaurant. The couch seats were very comfortable and everything looked well-maintained.

Value for money = 5/5

–          Because of the good-tasting food, large serving sizes and great ambience, the prices they charged were really reasonable. This is a nice place to go to if you’re hungry in the Aurora-Gilmore area late in the evening. Unfortunately, this branch has already closed down as of this posting.

Click here for their Facebook page.

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