Cyma (Upper Ground Level, Robinsons Magnolia)

PhotoGrid_1390292805640Date visited: September 2013 (UPDATE: We came back to this restaurant and I edited the review because unfortunately, our latest experience was not good this time around. Hopefully, this is applicable to this branch only. On our latest visit, we only ordered the Gyro and Paidakia)


What we ordered:

Pastitsio (Baked Macaroni), Mixed Meat Gyro, Paidakia (Char-grilled Lamb Ribs) and Baklava


Taste = 5/5

–          A lot of people would probably say that this is the best Greek restaurant in Manila. In terms of the taste and quality of their food, they have a very strong case. The baked macaroni tasted great! The sauce was perfect for the Filipino taste. It was on the sweet side and it was very meaty and creamy. The Meat Gyro was equally well prepared. The meat was a combination of generous pieces of delicious beef and pork and veggies wrapped in very soft but thick pita bread. Lyn said what made it special were the honey-mustard sauce and the red spicy sauce, which made the gyro exceptionally delectable. The Lamb ribs were lip-smackingly scrumptious. The menu said it was their most popular and rightfully so. Just looking at it made me think that it would have been improper to eat it with utensils so I proceeded to give proper homage and I ate them with my hands. The lamb meat had just the right amount of gaminess and the salt on the crust of the lamb was just perfect – no need for sauces. The Baklava was the only average-tasting dish that we ate but the gyro and lamb were just too good that they compensated for the too flaky and leathery dessert.


Service = 2.5/5

–          When we visited the restaurant the first time, the servers were mostly welcoming but one of them was probably on their bad day. On our subsequent visit, I came close to walking out of the restaurant because of the very poor service. Just trying to order involved too much effort on our part and I felt our waiter had a condescending tone.


Ambience = 4.5/5

–          The restaurant looked very vibrant and it felt like a place where you’d want to eat for an extended time if not for the poor service. Everything looked nice and bright.


Value for money = 3/5

–          Even though they served really good food, I think the prices were a little too steep. Also, based on our latest experience in this branch, we would probably not go back to this branch.

Click here for their website.

6 thoughts on “Cyma (Upper Ground Level, Robinsons Magnolia)

    • rey & lyn says:

      The food here is really good but we really can’t overlook the poor service that we received. We were actually seated within an earshot of the person in charge but nothing changed even when we were discussing the poor service we were receiving at that time. Hopefully this kind of service improves and is isolated at this branch only.

  1. Liz says:

    How do you pay for all these meals? and do you gain weight? The food looks delicious but why do they charge so much money and give poor service? I love good service!

    • rey & lyn says:

      We usually don’t have a choice and end up eating out because we tend to get hungry on our way home and don’t have time to cook. I’ve gained a lot of weight because I stopped hitting the gym but fortunately my wife doesn’t eat a lot. Too bad about the poor service really because their food tastes good.

    • rey & lyn says:

      No question that their dishes really taste good. It’s sad that they had a server like the one we encountered. Hope he improves his attitude not just for the restaurant’s sake but for his own as well.

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