Miso-Ten (2/F Robinsons Magnolia)

Date visited: August 2013

What we ordered:

Miso Ten Original and Excellent Set Meal (Ebi, Eggplant, String Beans, Pumpkin, Kani Salad, Miso Soup, Rice and Fruits)


Taste = 4/5

–          We were looking for good ramen at Robinsons Magnolia and we chose to try this restaurant first. Their ramen was miso-based but there was a sesame flavour to it which made the taste different from their miso soup. The pork slices were very tender and tasted like good asado which complimented the dish very well. The noodles were cooked nicely and were soft but not doughy. The egg (ajitamago) was interesting: it had the umami taste and was nicely soft-boiled. A really good compliment to the broth and ramen. Lyn appreciated the crunch when she took a bite off one of the tempuras (Ebi). Their tempura was one of the best we have tasted. The prawn meat was thick and the crust was very crunchy and yummy. Our only disappointment was that they didn’t use Japanese mayonnaise on the Kani salad.


Service = 4.5/5

–          The servers were attentive and were mostly smiling plus the food was served quick enough.


Ambience = 4.5/5

–          The restaurant had an indoor dining area and an al fresco area. The indoor are was a little cramped and cold. On the other hand, it was quite comfortable on the alfresco area when we ate there.


Value for money = 4/5

–          The prices were above average considering the quality, taste and serving sizes of their food. They should have at least used Japanese mayonnaise and also improved on the serving size of their ramen. It just looked large but it felt like a meriyenda size of other establishments.

 Click here for their Facebook page.

6 thoughts on “Miso-Ten (2/F Robinsons Magnolia)

  1. lmjapan says:

    You make the food here sound so good! It’s been so long since I’ve had ramen or tempura or really any kind of Japanese food for that matter. Since XMAS it’s been ham and turkey leftovers everyday bleh! Just checked out the pictures on their Facebook page, the pork on the ramen looks so tender and shrimp tempura seems to be really popular. But yeah, Japanese mayo is so important on certain dishes, I can’t eat broccoli without it!

    • rey & lyn says:

      I feel for you not having good Japanese food for so long. There are so many Japanese restaurants here, some fast-food types also. Hehehe. The pork was really good and by “asado” I meant sweet and savoury. Hope you get to eat good Japanese food soon! 🙂

      Shrimp tempura is definitely popular here but only a few cook it well.

      There’s really no substitute to Japanese mayo. The taste is weird once replaced by regular mayo.

  2. Liz says:

    Tender slices of pork sounds very delicious and the overall rating of this place is not too bad either. You seem to eat a lot of different things. I envy you!

    • rey & lyn says:

      The tender pork slices were good. Unfortunately, they didn’t use Japanese mayo on the salad. We try to eat different things so we don’t miss out on potentially good food. We actually envy you too since you make really amazing dishes! 🙂

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