Rub Ribs and BBQ (64 Scout Rallos, Quezon City)

Date visited: August 2013

What we ordered:

Raki’s BBQ Ribs and Rub Beef

Taste = 5/5

–          If you want to eat delicious ribs fast, this is the place to go. When Lyn and I went here, we were very hungry. This was the best time to assess their food and we were very impressed. Not only were the dishes served quickly, they tasted very good. I was a little confused when there were no knives on the table but when I tried to separate the meat from the bone, it came off very easily and cleanly. No meat was left on the bone just by using a fork. The taste was sweet with a little tanginess and a bit of a peppery taste and it was just perfectly seasoned that it really didn’t need a sauce. The Sprice was a very good compliment to the meat – it was cooked spiced rice. Lyn’s beef dish was equally delicious. The meat was very tender and the sauce had a very good garlicky taste to it and was on the salty side. At first, we were sceptical on the combination of beef and toasted bread but when we combined them with the sauce, they were perfect for each other. Very yummy.

Service = 5/5

–          The servers and cooks looked like they were having a good time preparing the dishes. Maybe that was why the dishes tasted very good and were served fast.

Ambience = 3.5/5

–          The place was clean and well-maintained but it was very cramped inside especially when it was full.

Value for money = 5/5

–          They priced their dishes very well. The high quality, superior taste and large serving sizes of their food were reflected very fairly on their prices.

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6 thoughts on “Rub Ribs and BBQ (64 Scout Rallos, Quezon City)

    • rey & lyn says:

      Indeed. It was a great dinner. I couldn’t really tell what kind of spices they put in the rice but it tasted like cajun rub. They probably put the drippings and added the rub powder in the rice. Yum! Makes me want to go back there! 🙂

  1. jadefernandez says:

    Saw this post before and decided to try it for myself. Agree on your ratings. I had spinach with mushroom and sprice for side dish.. so yummy although bitin ng onti yung sprice but still great. A full rack of ribs, 3 extra orders of their sides, and a pitcher of iced tea for less than 1k!

  2. Liz says:

    Ambience not so good but at least I get full value for my money so I can trade that. I am glad the ribs were nice and the service was lightning fast…I love fast service especially when I’m hungry!!!

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