Old Manila (The Peninsula Manila, Corner of Ayala and Makati Avenue)

PhotoGrid_1376062424886Date visited: July 2013

What we ordered:

Pan-seared Foie Gras – Tuna, Angus Beef Tenderloin with Aglio e Olio Trofie Pasta and Australian Lamb Tender loin and Spiced Shoulder


Taste = 4.5/5

–          We wanted to go somewhere special for our first anniversary. This restaurant had good reviews and it was not too popular, which I liked. Their Foie Gras was perfection on a plate. The sear on the Foie Gras added a really nice contrast in texture and the tuna and watermelon went really good with the Foie Gras. Imagine the most delicious scrambled egg that has a paper thin salty crispy exterior with a very custard-like goodness inside. I could go on and on about how delicious that dish was. We asked the server what the good dishes were and he said the Angus and lamb. The Angus beef tenderloin was thick, juicy, cooked to our preference and was just executed beautifully. The roasted veggies had the right amount of caramelization and I love roasted veggies. The Lamb Tenderloin was great with the consistency like that of a firm marshmallow – very tender. The seasoning was right and the taste was superb. What I didn’t particularly like was the Spiced Shoulder. Somehow the combination of tastes was too complicated for my taste buds. Lyn also didn’t like the Trofie Pasta. It tasted a little funny and had a slight kerosene taste to it.


Service = 5/5

–          Of course the servers provided excellent service. I would be surprised if they didn’t. I think the server had little knowledge on their own wines since he was unsure of what went well with our dishes.


Ambience = 5/5

–          The place felt very romantic. The dining area had elevated areas that were dimmer than the other areas and had better table spacing which made them perfect for intimate engagements. The night just felt very magical and we were very fortunate we ended up in this restaurant that day.


Value for money = 4.5/5

–          Of course the prices would be expensive for a hotel-based restaurant. But the quality and taste of most of the dishes plus the great service and romantic ambience made our whole experience very special.

Click here for their website.

8 thoughts on “Old Manila (The Peninsula Manila, Corner of Ayala and Makati Avenue)

  1. lmjapan says:

    I absolutely love how you compared the lamb to a firm marshmallow. But you’re so right, when meat has the right amount of tenderness it really is like a firm marshmallow! I am definitely going to use that description the next time my boyfriend and I are at my favorite steakhouse and he asks how my meat is! I’m so happy for you guys that your 1st anniversary dinner was so wonderful and romantic!

    • rey & lyn says:

      Thank you so much! It requires so much skill to attain a perfect texture to any meat. While it only takes a simple mistake to ruin an otherwise high-grade meat. That’s why I really respect good grillers. 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    I love romantic places with good service and great value for money. The angus tenderloin, great for me. Thanks for sharing!

    • rey & lyn says:

      You’re welcome! This is one of those places to celebate very special occasions and any diner would surely enjoy their stay here. Thanks also for sharing your lovely recipes!

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