Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant (678 TM Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila)

PhotoGrid_1372910509996Date visited: July 2013

What we ordered:

Suahe, Crispy Squid, Halaan, Steamed Lapu-Lapu and YangChow Fried Rice


Taste = 4.5/5

–          I have eaten at this place several times already but I don’t remember the food to have tasted this good. The Crispy Squid was cooked very well. The squid was on the spicy side and the meat was soft and not tough and chewy. The Halaan was just ok but the clams tasted fresh. The YangChow tasted above average. The Lapu-lapu was very fresh and the meat was very good. The sauce had a hint of sesame oil and really went well with the very fresh fish meat. The highlight of the dinner was the Suahe. The sizes of the shrimps were large and they were very fresh. The meat was soft but not mushy and the sauce in the heads tasted very good. The sour-salty sauce was just perfect.


Service = 5/5

–          The servers were very professional and it seemed that they have been doing their tasks since childhood. The dishes were served in good time and service was fast.


Ambience = 4/5

–          The restaurant looked clean and well-maintained but the other restaurants in its class have already made vast improvements.


Value for money = 4.5/5

–          The prices of the dishes were very reasonable. The dishes tasted very good and the freshness exceeded our expectations.

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