Everything at Steak (939 Banawe St. cor Sta. Rosa, Manresa, Quezon City)

PhotoGrid_1369581344093Date visited: May 2013

What we ordered:

Rib Eye with Coleslaw and Beef Brisket with Grilled Corn on the Cob and Macaroni Salad


Taste = 3.5/5

–          The restaurant offers affordable steak meals and has added some menu items since we went here years ago.  The Beef Brisket tasted average but was very tender and the serving size was large. Lyn had the Rib Eye and it tasted average as well and was also very tender. The macaroni salad was on the warm side and was unappetizing. The grilled corn was good. I think it was boiled first before it was grilled. The coleslaw was pretty average.


Service = 3.5/5

–          The servers were attentive and catered to our requests pretty fast. However, they seem to lack friendliness towards the customers.


Ambience = 3.5/5

–          The dining area was clean and neat although the furniture and utensils were pretty standard. The comfort room exhaust was a little weird since I think it opened out to the kitchen area.


Value for money = 4.5/5

–          The prices of the steak meals are reasonable and the tenderness of the meat was a pleasant surprise.



4 thoughts on “Everything at Steak (939 Banawe St. cor Sta. Rosa, Manresa, Quezon City)

    • rey & lyn says:

      Sorry for the photo as it was taken with a cellphone camera only (Samsung S4). The steaks looked burnt, actually, but they did not taste like they were burnt. I couldn’t really say that they tasted good so I just used the word “average” for a lack of a better term. They just tasted like decently-cooked meat but what was good about them was that they were very tender and did not taste awful.

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